Experts in vertical food production

Our Mission

Herbeos Ltd. is committed to growing high quality produce in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our Vision

Herbeos believes that food production is under serious strain and we want to create produce to combat this issue but in an environmentally conscious manner.

Executive Summary

Herbeos Limited is seeking to become the UK’s leading producer of herbs supplying to the food processing sector and wholesale. The facility proposed uses vertical production and a greenhouse combination for growing on moving conveyor belts. This will allow Herbeos to produce fresh high-quality herbs all year round to retail customers.

The vertical farm is a fully integrated food processing and production facility that combines vertical LED production with the latest glasshouse technology. The facility will have end to end production line that can take a food product from seed through to end-product.

Our plans for Herbeos Ltd.

Herbeos has identified the market for potted and cut packed herbs mainly coriander as its primary target market. Coriander currently ranks number 1 in the UK herb market based on sales of retail packs with over 23,733,000 sold annually. The company is seeking to operate a vertical food production facility with glass house growing and become a major player in the supply of both cut and pot herbs.

The company’s overall development aim is to secure a site to build, own and operate a facility. Opening and running this facility will allow the company to grow and develop in the following ways:

  • Allow the company to produce 340,000 kg of produce per year, with a typical market sales value per annum of £2.5m.
  • Build typical annual supply chain contracts worth an estimated value of £600,000
  • Recruit a core team of 10 people to run the facility on a day to day basis, along with a further team of 10 that manage and sell the end produce.
  • Leaders in producing a fully 100% UK grown product.