About Us

What we do

Herbeos has identified coriander as being a valuable commodity within the food processing sector. With the ever-growing popularity of convenience food and a growing taste for exotic dishes, coriander presents significant commercial potential; this is enhanced by the ability of vertical production facilities, such as the one employed by Herbeos, to control product taste and quality.

Herbeos will own and operate a vertical food production facility for germination which is connected to a glasshouse which will produce via a production line cut and potted herbs to be sold to key UK retail customers (typically food processor, wholesale and supermarkets.

The Technology

The facility is a multi-level growing facility with LED towers for the germination phase and a moving gutter system under a glass greenhouse for the growing phase. The facility consists of:

  •         Automated and fully controlled growth chambers that produces to specification all component ingredients for the end food product. This is carried out using a racking system that contain LED lights for the germination phase of the growing process. The plants are grown here from the germination phase to a desired plant recipe.
  •         State of the art climate control systems that maintain conditions in terms of temperature humidity and c02 levels and can be altered and monitored at each layer with sensors.
  •         Complex custom hydrophonic systems with heat exchange and air droplet system technology that re-use4s the heat from the lighting and air and can potentially re-use 90% of the water.
  •         A manufacturing grade robotic production line that cuts, processes and prepares component ingredients as well as re-spacing between germination and growth phase.
  •         Moving gutter system under glass greenhouse that automatically re-spaces the plants. Uses free light and heat from the sun.
  •         Packaging area with robot that combines the components prepares and packages to end-product.